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Top 10 Popular Math Problems in 2016-2017

It’s been a year since I started this math blog!!

More than 500 problems were posted during a year (July 19th 2016-July 19th 2017).

I made a list of the 10 math problems on this blog that have the most views.

Can you solve all of them?

The level of difficulty among the top 10 problems.
【★★★】 Difficult (Final Exam Level)
【★★☆】 Standard(Midterm Exam Level)
【★☆☆】 Easy (Homework Level)
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Beautiful Formulas for pi=3.14…

The number $\pi$ is defined a s the ratio of a circle’s circumference $C$ to its diameter $d$:

$\pi$ in decimal starts with 3.14… and never end.

I will show you several beautiful formulas for $\pi$.

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