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Find the Nullspace and Range of the Linear Transformation $T(f)(x) = f(x)-f(0)$

Problem 680

Let $C([-1, 1])$ denote the vector space of real-valued functions on the interval $[-1, 1]$. Define the vector subspace
\[W = \{ f \in C([-1, 1]) \mid f(0) = 0 \}.\]

Define the map $T : C([-1, 1]) \rightarrow W$ by $T(f)(x) = f(x) – f(0)$. Determine if $T$ is a linear map. If it is, determine its nullspace and range.

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The Range and Null Space of the Zero Transformation of Vector Spaces

Problem 555

Let $U$ and $V$ be vector spaces over a scalar field $\F$.
Define the map $T:U\to V$ by $T(\mathbf{u})=\mathbf{0}_V$ for each vector $\mathbf{u}\in U$.

(a) Prove that $T:U\to V$ is a linear transformation.
(Hence, $T$ is called the zero transformation.)

(b) Determine the null space $\calN(T)$ and the range $\calR(T)$ of $T$.

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