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Taking the Third Order Taylor Polynomial is a Linear Transformation

Problem 675

The space $C^{\infty} (\mathbb{R})$ is the vector space of real functions which are infinitely differentiable. Let $T : C^{\infty} (\mathbb{R}) \rightarrow \mathrm{P}_3$ be the map which takes $f \in C^{\infty}(\mathbb{R})$ to its third order Taylor polynomial, specifically defined by
\[ T(f)(x) = f(0) + f'(0) x + \frac{f^{\prime\prime}(0)}{2} x^2 + \frac{f^{\prime \prime \prime}(0)}{6} x^3.\] Here, $f’, f^{\prime\prime}$ and $f^{\prime \prime \prime}$ denote the first, second, and third derivatives of $f$, respectively.

Prove that $T$ is a linear transformation.

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