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Vector Space of Functions from a Set to a Vector Space

Problem 705

For a set $S$ and a vector space $V$ over a scalar field $\K$, define the set of all functions from $S$ to $V$
\[ \Fun ( S , V ) = \{ f : S \rightarrow V \} . \]

For $f, g \in \Fun(S, V)$, $z \in \K$, addition and scalar multiplication can be defined by
\[ (f+g)(s) = f(s) + g(s) \, \mbox{ and } (cf)(s) = c (f(s)) \, \mbox{ for all } s \in S . \]

(a) Prove that $\Fun(S, V)$ is a vector space over $\K$. What is the zero element?

(b) Let $S_1 = \{ s \}$ be a set consisting of one element. Find an isomorphism between $\Fun(S_1 , V)$ and $V$ itself. Prove that the map you find is actually a linear isomorpism.

(c) Suppose that $B = \{ e_1 , e_2 , \cdots , e_n \}$ is a basis of $V$. Use $B$ to construct a basis of $\Fun(S_1 , V)$.

(d) Let $S = \{ s_1 , s_2 , \cdots , s_m \}$. Construct a linear isomorphism between $\Fun(S, V)$ and the vector space of $n$-tuples of $V$, defined as
\[ V^m = \{ (v_1 , v_2 , \cdots , v_m ) \mid v_i \in V \mbox{ for all } 1 \leq i \leq m \} . \]

(e) Use the basis $B$ of $V$ to constract a basis of $\Fun(S, V)$ for an arbitrary finite set $S$. What is the dimension of $\Fun(S, V)$?

(f) Let $W \subseteq V$ be a subspace. Prove that $\Fun(S, W)$ is a subspace of $\Fun(S, V)$.

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Is the Map $T(f)(x) = f(0) + f(1) \cdot x + f(2) \cdot x^2 + f(3) \cdot x^3$ a Linear Transformation?

Problem 678

Let $C ([0, 3] )$ be the vector space of real functions on the interval $[0, 3]$. Let $\mathrm{P}_3$ denote the set of real polynomials of degree $3$ or less.

Define the map $T : C ([0, 3] ) \rightarrow \mathrm{P}_3 $ by
\[T(f)(x) = f(0) + f(1) \cdot x + f(2) \cdot x^2 + f(3) \cdot x^3.\]

Determine if $T$ is a linear transformation. If it is, determine its nullspace.

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