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True or False Problems of Vector Spaces and Linear Transformations

Problem 364

These are True or False problems.
For each of the following statements, determine if it contains a wrong information or not.

  1. Let $A$ be a $5\times 3$ matrix. Then the range of $A$ is a subspace in $\R^3$.
  2. The function $f(x)=x^2+1$ is not in the vector space $C[-1,1]$ because $f(0)=1\neq 0$.
  3. Since we have $\sin(x+y)=\sin(x)+\sin(y)$, the function $\sin(x)$ is a linear transformation.
  4. The set
    \[\left\{\, \begin{bmatrix}
    1 \\
    0 \\
    \end{bmatrix}, \begin{bmatrix}
    0 \\
    1 \\
    \end{bmatrix} \,\right\}\] is an orthonormal set.

(Linear Algebra Exam Problem, The Ohio State University)

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