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Linear Transformation $T(X)=AX-XA$ and Determinant of Matrix Representation

Problem 330

Let $V$ be the vector space of all $n\times n$ real matrices.
Let us fix a matrix $A\in V$.
Define a map $T: V\to V$ by
\[ T(X)=AX-XA\] for each $X\in V$.

(a) Prove that $T:V\to V$ is a linear transformation.

(b) Let $B$ be a basis of $V$. Let $P$ be the matrix representation of $T$ with respect to $B$. Find the determinant of $P$.

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A Group Homomorphism is Injective if and only if Monic

Problem 243

Let $f:G\to G’$ be a group homomorphism. We say that $f$ is monic whenever we have $fg_1=fg_2$, where $g_1:K\to G$ and $g_2:K \to G$ are group homomorphisms for some group $K$, we have $g_1=g_2$.

Then prove that a group homomorphism $f: G \to G’$ is injective if and only if it is monic.

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