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Ring Homomorphisms and Radical Ideals

Problem 624

Let $R$ and $R’$ be commutative rings and let $f:R\to R’$ be a ring homomorphism.
Let $I$ and $I’$ be ideals of $R$ and $R’$, respectively.

(a) Prove that $f(\sqrt{I}\,) \subset \sqrt{f(I)}$.

(b) Prove that $\sqrt{f^{-1}(I’)}=f^{-1}(\sqrt{I’})$

(c) Suppose that $f$ is surjective and $\ker(f)\subset I$. Then prove that $f(\sqrt{I}\,) =\sqrt{f(I)}$

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Primary Ideals, Prime Ideals, and Radical Ideals

Problem 247

Let $R$ be a commutative ring with unity. A proper ideal $I$ of $R$ is called primary if whenever $ab \in I$ for $a, b\in R$, then either $a\in I$ or $b^n\in I$ for some positive integer $n$.

(a) Prove that a prime ideal $P$ of $R$ is primary.

(b) If $P$ is a prime ideal and $a^n\in P$ for some $a\in R$ and a positive integer $n$, then show that $a\in P$.

(c) If $P$ is a prime ideal, prove that $\sqrt{P}=P$.

(d) If $Q$ is a primary ideal, prove that the radical ideal $\sqrt{Q}$ is a prime ideal.

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