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The Quotient Ring by an Ideal of a Ring of Some Matrices is Isomorphic to $\Q$.

Problem 525

\[R=\left\{\, \begin{bmatrix}
a & b\\
0& a
\end{bmatrix} \quad \middle | \quad a, b\in \Q \,\right\}.\] Then the usual matrix addition and multiplication make $R$ an ring.

\[J=\left\{\, \begin{bmatrix}
0 & b\\
0& 0
\end{bmatrix} \quad \middle | \quad b \in \Q \,\right\}\] be a subset of the ring $R$.

(a) Prove that the subset $J$ is an ideal of the ring $R$.

(b) Prove that the quotient ring $R/J$ is isomorphic to $\Q$.

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