Quotient Group of Abelian Group is Abelian

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Problem 340

Let $G$ be an abelian group and let $N$ be a normal subgroup of $G$.
Then prove that the quotient group $G/N$ is also an abelian group.

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Each element of $G/N$ is a coset $aN$ for some $a\in G$.
Let $aN, bN$ be arbitrary elements of $G/N$, where $a, b\in G$.

Then we have
(aN)(bN)&=(ab)N \\
&=(ba)N && \text{since $G$ is abelian}\\
Here the first and the third equality is the definition of the group operation of $G/N$.


Since $N$ is a normal subgroup of $G$, the set of left cosets $G/H$ becomes a group with group operation
\[(aN)(bN)=(ab)N\] for any $a, b\in G$.

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As an application, try the following problem.

Let $H$ and $K$ be normal subgroups of a group $G$. Suppose that $H < K$ and the quotient group $G/H$ is abelian. Then prove that $G/K$ is also an abelian group.

The proof of this problem is given in the post ↴
If quotient $G/H$ is abelian group and $H < K \triangleleft G$, then $G/K$ is abelian.

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  1. 03/17/2017

    […] that [G/K cong (G/H)/(G/K).] Since the group $G/H$ is abelian by assumption, and in general a quotient group of an abelian group is abelian, it follows $(G/H)/(G/K)$ is an abelian […]

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