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If a Half of a Group are Elements of Order 2, then the Rest form an Abelian Normal Subgroup of Odd Order

Problem 575

Let $G$ be a finite group of order $2n$.
Suppose that exactly a half of $G$ consists of elements of order $2$ and the rest forms a subgroup.
Namely, suppose that $G=S\sqcup H$, where $S$ is the set of all elements of order in $G$, and $H$ is a subgroup of $G$. The cardinalities of $S$ and $H$ are both $n$.

Then prove that $H$ is an abelian normal subgroup of odd order.


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The Existence of an Element in an Abelian Group of Order the Least Common Multiple of Two Elements

Problem 497

Let $G$ be an abelian group.
Let $a$ and $b$ be elements in $G$ of order $m$ and $n$, respectively.
Prove that there exists an element $c$ in $G$ such that the order of $c$ is the least common multiple of $m$ and $n$.

Also determine whether the statement is true if $G$ is a non-abelian group.


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A Group Homomorphism that Factors though Another Group

Problem 490

Let $G, H, K$ be groups. Let $f:G\to K$ be a group homomorphism and let $\pi:G\to H$ be a surjective group homomorphism such that the kernel of $\pi$ is included in the kernel of $f$: $\ker(\pi) \subset \ker(f)$.

Define a map $\tilde{f}:H\to K$ as follows.
For each $h\in H$, there exists $g\in G$ such that $\pi(g)=h$ since $\pi:G\to H$ is surjective.
Define $\tilde{f}:H\to K$ by $\tilde{f}(h)=f(g)$.

(a) Prove that the map $\tilde{f}:H\to K$ is well-defined.

(b) Prove that $\tilde{f}:H\to K$ is a group homomorphism.


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